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Tuesday February 14, 2006
Liberals are dreaming about a speedy return to power after
watching the disastrous opening week of Stephen Harper's
new Conservative administration.

Only three weeks after suffering a humiliating defeat,
Liberals are musing openly about whether Harper's shaky
minority government can survive the year.

And Liberal officials are being urged to hasten the selection
of a new leader so that the party can be ready as soon as
possible for an election.

"We are, I would say, reinvigorated and energized," interim
Liberal leader Bill Graham said in an interview at the end of
Harper's controversy-plagued inaugural week.

He said the opening week has stiffened Liberals' resolve to
oppose the Conservative agenda, even if it means toppling
the government.

"We're going to oppose those measures that we find are not
in the interests of Canada and Canadians and we'll oppose
them all the way," Graham said.
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