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Monday February 20, 2006
Most people look at an Olympics medal and see
glory. But this year, some are seeing food.
In blogs and other forums on the Internet, the
medals for the XX Winter Olympics, the first ever to
have a hole in the middle, are being compared to
bagels and doughnuts.

“That gold one just says ‘egg bagel’ to me,
â€� wrote one blogger identified as torinoelle. â
€œYum. ... hold the cream cheese. I think they're

The organizers of the Torino games have
acknowledged that the design is “different�
from medals of past games. But they also say it
embodies much of what is Italian.

No, not food, but “images, signs and patterns
tied to the history of Italy� — from ancient coins,
rings and necklaces to the Italian love of plazas.

The Italian design team, led by Ottavani International,
did not return requests for comment on the doughnut
comparison, but the organizers probably spoke for it
when they eloquently said: The hole in each medal â
€œreveals also the area of the chest under which
the heart and life beat. And just as the piazza comes
to life only when people gather in it, so also the
medals of Torino 2006 find their real meaning only
when athletes wear them.�
I'll have a double-double with that metal
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