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Tuesday February 28, 2006
Two senior Liberals went to dinner at an Italian restaurant
in Toronto last week where they hatched a plan to heal
their shattered party.

Paul Zed, the MP for Saint John, and Dennis Mills, former
veteran MP from the Toronto-Danforth riding, decided to
organize a huge bash to honour one of the most
controversial women in the Liberal Party -- Sheila Copps.

So far, 250 people have expressed interest in coming to fete
the Hamilton politician who was first elected federally in
1984 under John Turner and was deputy prime minister to
Jean Chrétien and later his Canadian heritage minister.

Both Mr. Turner and Mr. Chrétien are expected to be
there, either in person or by videotape. It is not clear
whether Paul Martin, with whom Ms. Copps had her
battles, will attend.

Mr. Mills calls it an "evening of the peacemakers."

Says Mr. Zed, "I would say there is a black hole called
Sheila Copps in this party that no one is prepared to talk
Liberals plan bash to honour Copps
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