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Wednesday March 1, 2006
Two Thunder Bay women who fear they may soon face
dubious murder charges in the mysterious slaying of an
Ontario couple in Mexico stepped into the public spotlight
Tuesday to denounce the accusations as “ridiculous.�

Cheryl Everall and Kimberley Kim were vacationing at the
same seaside resort on the Mayan Riviera where Domenico
Ianiero, 59, and his wife, Annunziata, 55, were found dead
last Monday, their throats slashed.

They says they left the resort the next day oblivious to the
bloodshed in a room not far from their own — and the fact
they were being fingered as key suspects in a bizarre
murder probe critics have roundly denounced as a cover-up.

“Emotionally, you don’t know what you’re
going to go through from minute to minute,� Kim told a
news conference in Thunder Bay, Ont., where the two are

“One minute you’re crying, the next minute — itâ
€™s terrifying and you get very upset. It’s devastating.
Every day we wake up, you open your eyes thinking itâ
€™s a dream, and it’s not.â€�
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