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Thursday March 2, 2006
The province that's home to 40 per cent of Canadians
deserves the loudest voice in the debate over the country's
financial "architecture," Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty
suggested today as he renewed his call for a royal
commission into the so-called fiscal imbalance.

McGuinty said he first raised the idea of a royal
commission during a first ministers' dinner in Ottawa last
Friday, noting that Prime Minister Stephen Harper was
quick to point out at the time that the other premiers were
cool to the idea.

"It's something I broached at the dinner table, and it's no
secret it's not particularly loved by my provincial and
territorial colleagues," McGuinty said today before his
government's weekly caucus meeting.

"(Harper) said he didn't see that I had much support for it,
and I reminded him that I had the support of 40 per cent of

McGuinty said he raised the issue again with Harper after
dinner, when the two were alone, stressing that Ontario's
call for a royal commission deserved consideration despite
the objections of the other premiers.
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