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Friday March 3, 2006
Paul McCartney and his wife took to the frigid ice floes off
the Atlantic Ocean on Thursday in a bid to halt Canada's
annual slaughter of weeks-old seal pups.

Animal rights activists contend the killing of the doe-eyed
baby seals, who are often clubbed to death, pierced with
boat hooks or skinned alive, is cruel and unnecessary, but
fishermen say they badly need the income.

The McCartneys, dressed in orange thermal jumpsuits,
traveled in helicopters with a dozen journalists, and
members of the Humane Society of the United States and
the British-based Respect for Animals.

Hundreds of seals and their fluffy white pups, only days
old, were lolling on the ice in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the
mothers taking breaks from nursing to bob in the water to
fish. The pups will shed their white fur within two weeks,
when they become game for fishermen, who get up to $70
each for their pelts and blubber.

The former Beatle acknowledged residents have hunted
seals for hundreds of years.

``Well, in our view, that doesn't make it justifiable,'' he said.
``Plenty of things have been going on for a long time, like
slavery. Just because it's been going on for a long time
doesn't make it right.''
Paul McCartney Draws Attention to Seal Hunt
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