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Monday March 6, 2006
"I think this whole thing in the big picture is to do
with integrity, and it's to do with the idea of
integrity. So this isn't personal. It's most difficult
because it's one of us, but we need to clear the air.
And to clear the air you go out of your way to make
sure the air is completely clear."
--Councillor Dave Braden on Mayor Larry Di Ianni's election
audit, city council, Feb.15, 2006.

Dave Braden wasn't present the other night when
council voted to move ahead with a controversial
Waterdown road expansion, which he strongly

But being away for the vote shouldn't allow Braden
to duck allegations he violated the Municipal
Conflict of Interest Act by previously wading into
the issue.

As Councillor Sam Merulla notes, council and the
public deserve an explanation from Braden, and
until they hear one, this issue is in "suspended

Braden apparently is on vacation and unavailable for
comment until next week.
Is Braden talking out of both sides of his mouth?
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