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Tuesday March 7, 2006
Near the end of the federal election campaign, NDP Leader
Jack Layton said the "warlike offensive role" Canadian
troops have assumed in southern Afghanistan was wrong.
"The peacekeeping role is one that Canadians support.
Offensive roles are not roles that Canadians support, and
certainly our party does not support."

We're lovers, not fighters. Put some flowers in our hair and
pass the bong, man.

According to this logic, fighting the Taliban and al-Qaeda in
southern Afghanistan -- a mission Canada took command of
last month -- isn't our fight. We shouldn't be securing
coalition bases in the six southernmost Afghan provinces or
hunting down insurgents along the mountainous
Afghan-Pakistani border. We should be waiting for the
shooting to stop so we can come in and organize some
inter-ethnic soccer games and perhaps a group hug or two.

Too bad the real world doesn't always allow a nation to
pick only the duties it wants.

The Afghan fight is Canada's fight. We are not there merely
to serve as American surrogates in the region or to lend
credibility to the White House's claim that the war on terror
is an international effort, not just an American one.
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