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Thursday March 9, 2006
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's heavy-handed
"boycott'' of an ethics investigation has made the
resignation of Parliament's much-maligned ethics
commissioner all but impossible, says former MP
Ed Broadbent.

And that's deeply ironic, said the veteran NDP
parliamentarian, given that there was a broad
consensus among MPs that Bernard Shapiro
needed to go.

"The prime minister put him in a position that he
can't resign now. You can quote me on that,''
Broadbent said in an interview Wednesday.

"It will look like he was hounded out of office and
then it will make it difficult for anyone coming in to
look like other than someone who is going to be
totally acceptable to the prime minister.''

Broadbent should know.

Harper approached him a month ago to take over the
ethics commissioner's job, well before the latest
imbroglio. Broadbent declined for the same reason
he chose not to seek re-election in January. His wife
Lucille is seriously ill.
Harper's tactics to remove ethics czar criticized
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