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Monday March 13, 2006
The city of Hamilton has cancelled its three bulk pickups a
year, much to the disappointment of residents who have
come to look forward to the curbside shopping events.

Residents will now be able to call the city for pickup of
oversize items 36 weeks a year.

"That takes all the fun out of it," said Dundas resident
Patsy Mather, a long-time fan of "pickers' night."

She's even held a party the night before bulk pickup,
sending friends out on a scavenger hunt for items to sell at a
charity yard sale.

"It's just a hoot," she said, chiming the old saying "one
man's trash is another man's treasure."

The city can save about $85,000 by switching from
scheduled days to pick up service, said Colin Vidler,
supervisor of the city's waste collection.

Beyond cost-cutting, city staff also hope the change will
encourage residents to find other ways to dispose of their
unwanted items, like donating to a charity or using one of
the city's recycling centres. Hamilton is aiming to divert 65
per cent of its trash from landfills by 2008.
Treasure hunters lament end of bulk pickup days
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