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Wednesday March 15, 2006
Former Ontario NDP premier Bob Rae cast his first public
-- but unofficial -- pitch for the federal Liberal leadership
yesterday, suggesting that Canada's progressives must
consider joining together to win a majority in the Commons.

Although he said he has not decided whether he will run to
succeed former leader Paul Martin, Mr. Rae told a
Winnipeg audience he is considering a bid and will "have a
decision to make about that over the next while."

But he told reporters he is worried about "what a Harper
majority government would do" and suggested that it is
time to unite the left in Canada to win power.

"I think it's important for people who call themselves
progressive to really think about the situation.

"There's a progressive record that's shared by a majority of
Canadians, but so far, we have not succeeded in becoming a
majority in the House of Commons, so we must think a bit
about how that can happen."
Bob Rae ponders Liberal leadership bid
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