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Thursday March 16, 2006
Progressive Conservative Party Leader John Tory today
called for both sides in the ongoing college strike to show
some leadership and get back to the negotiating table, and
for Dalton McGuinty to help make that happen.

"This strike is affecting thousands of Ontario students and
families," said Tory. "A situation like this needs real
leadership from Ontario's premier - something we're not
seeing much of. Dalton McGuinty should be doing what he
can to get both sides back to the negotiating table in the
interests of students and the people whose jobs depend on
college system."

Tory called on Dalton McGuinty to act after a week where
the McGuinty Liberals have done little to get the two sides
back to the table working out a deal. "The only real action
the McGuinty Liberals took this week was to insensitively
announce a tuition hike at a time when students are
wondering if they are going to finish their school year," said

"Too many students have too much at stake for the two
sides in this strike not to be talking," said Tory. "Dalton
McGuinty should invite the two sides into his office and
ask them to resume negotiations. They can't negotiate a
settlement if they're not talking."
Ontario College Strike Goes On
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