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Friday March 17, 2006
THERE are a number of international sporting events this
month that Canada, one of the three super-powers of the
Commonwealth, regards as more important than the
Melbourne Games.

Among them is the world curling championships.

That fact speaks loudly of the fading influence of the once
mighty British Empire Games on the international calendar.

The Games, which the Melbourne organisers are trumpeting as
a friendlier version of the Sydney Olympics, are not what
they used to be.

They may be about to dominate prime-time television in
Australia for two weeks and stir up a frenzy of patriotism,
but the rest of the world will hardly be aware of them.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corp, which initially was not
going to televise the Games, had its arm twisted at government
level and has reluctantly agreed to run a daily one-hour
highlights package at 3pm. That's the realm of children's
programs and repeats of tired American dramas.

Canada's metropolitan newspapers have taken their cue from
CBC and most are not sending any journalists to report on the
Games, relying on news agencies.
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