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Tuesday May 9, 2006
Prime Minister Stephen Harper shrugged off Liberal accusations Monday that he's favouring Quebec while snubbing Ontario.

Indeed, the Conservative prime minister maintained he's established a better working relationship with Ontario's Liberal premier, Dalton McGuinty, than the previous federal Grit government ever enjoyed. "I think it is the party opposite that may have the real trouble with Mr. McGuinty," Harper taunted the Liberals in the House of Commons.

The accusations of favouritism arose after Harper met briefly with McGuinty last Thursday in Toronto. He offered no comment on his first private tete-a-tete with the premier of the country's largest province before rushing off to a provincial Conservative party fundraising dinner.

At the dinner, Harper touted Ontario Conservative Leader John Tory as the next premier.

By contrast, Harper lavished praise Friday on Jean Charest at a joint news conference following his fourth meeting with the Quebec premier. The two announced an agreement to give Quebec a greater voice on the international stage.

In the Commons on Monday, two Ontario Liberal MPs took Harper to task for snubbing McGuinty. (source)

Harper dismisses accusation he's favouring Quebec, snubbing Ontario