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Tuesday June 27, 2006
Prime Minister Stephen Harper will announce the purchase of trucks, planes, ships and helicopters this week when he unveils a massive $15-billion procurement package for Canada's military.

The spending will be detailed at four separate events in four cities.

It comes after years of complaints by the military that armed forces personnel have been forced to operate with aging equipment that requires endless repair. Gen. Rick Hillier, the Chief of Defence Staff was all smiles on Wednesday when he spoke to reporters and senators about the refurbishing of the service with good reason.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will travel to Halifax on Monday to make the first announcement of three new supply ships at a cost of $2.1-billion, sources have told The Globe and Mail.

Tuesday's announcement will take place in Quebec where the government will indicate plans to buy trucks worth $1.1-billion. Source.

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Harper to unveil $15-billion in defence spending