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Tuesday July 25, 2006
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice arrived in Beirut on Monday, and she got an earful everywhere she went.

“I’m obviously right here because I’m deeply concerned about the Lebanese people,” Ms. Rice said as she sat down for a meeting with Nabih Berri, speaker of Parliament and the one man in the government with a direct line to the Hezbollah leader, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah.

American diplomats characterized the visit as a “dramatic” overture that demonstrated to the Arab world that President Bush was concerned about the rising civilian death toll in Lebanon.

But clearly the Lebanese people, from Prime Minister Fouad Siniora down, are angry at Israel and at America for its support of Israel.

“This is not a war against Hezbollah that is being waged, this is a war against Lebanon and its people,” said Shereen Sadeq, a demonstrator who with a handful of others followed Ms. Rice around the city. “500,000 refugees: America’s tax dollars at work,” said one demonstrator’s sign. “Be outraged,” said another.

Ms. Rice spent two hours with Mr. Siniora, one hour with Mr. Berri and about 45 minutes with a group of anti-Syrian Lebanese politicians. She promised American aid. Source.

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Rice Confers With Leaders of Lebanon