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Friday July 28, 2006
Canada's premiers failed to find a consensus Thursday on how to fix the fiscal imbalance, and must now take their individual cases to the federal government.

"We really made an effort. But there came a point in the afternoon when we realized that this just wasn't going to come together," Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams said after the meeting in St. John's.

But he added the talks were still a success, because "everybody, as they say, put their cards on the table."

Some premiers want an increase in transfer payments to the country's poorest provinces, in order to help provide essential government services.

Quebec Premier Jean Charest supported enhancing the payments, arguing that "fixing the fiscal imbalance ... means fixing equalization, and reinforcing and strengthening equalization."

He cited three reports calling for stronger payments, but Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty - who has argued his province pays too much - said the reports were just suggestions. source.

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Premiers fail to find consensus on equalization