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Saturday, September 23, 2006
Afghan President Hamid Karzai arrived in Canada on Thursday to help drum up support for the mission in his troubled country, but a meeting with the country's most prominent anti-war politician did not appear to be on his agenda.

NDP Leader Jack Layton has made several requests for a meeting with the Afghan leader and has had no reply.

Layton is the only major federal party leader to have called for a withdrawal of Canadian troops from Afghanistan.

He says he'd like to discuss alternatives to the current conflict with Karzai.

"I certainly would like to have the opportunity to speak with him," Layton said outside the House of Commons.

"We've certainly requested (a meeting), and would appreciate the opportunity."

Layton's staff has made repeated requests through the Department of Foreign Affairs and by appealing directly to the Afghan embassy in Ottawa.

When contacted Thursday afternoon, the embassy confirmed that no meeting with Layton had yet been scheduled. source

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Karzai snubs Layton request for meeting