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Saturday, October 21, 2006
OTTAWA — With a political storm swirling around allegations of sexist swagger, Belinda Stronach rose in the House of Commons today to defend her honour against a slur that some say was heard and others say was never uttered.

Stronach, showing no emotion, demanded an apology from Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay for using what she said was a “very inappropriate word to describe me.”

It wasn’t actually a word, but rather a reference allegedly made Thursday in the Commons.

The barely audible exchange was caught on an audio tape, with one MP asking “what about your dog?” and someone responding: “You have her.”

The Liberals insist MacKay made the sexist response while pointing to Stronach’s empty seat.

MacKay posed with a dog at his side, on his family’s Nova Scotia farm, when he and Stronach broke up after her defection to the Liberal party in 2005.

Outside the House, Stronach said that while she’s upset by the alleged slur, she says she’s more upset by what it says about the Conservative party. More...

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Stronach demands apology from MacKay