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Monday, October 30, 2006
It may not look that way from a distance, but the minority government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper is moribund. While the Conservatives have not formally lost the confidence of the House of Commons, they can no longer muster enough opposition support to pass their agenda into law.

As a result, this Parliament is now basically killing time until another election. That does not mean the Prime Minister can't govern, at least up to a point. Harper can continue to make nominations; he can speak on behalf of Canada on the international stage; he can tour the country to unveil various policies as he did over the recent parliamentary break.

Except that every initiative he announced that week is unlikely to become law in the current Parliament. Neither is the bulk of the Conservative agenda.

After months in the Senate, a much-amended Accountability Act is about to be handed back to the Commons. If the Conservatives don't want the changes forced upon them by the Liberal upper house, the process will drag on for more weeks and maybe months. Article continues....

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Opposition stymies Conservative agenda