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Friday December 15, 2006
The government has tabled a bill that will give voters a say in who should be considered for the Upper House.

Speaking outside parliament shortly after tabling the legislation, Government house leader Rob Nicholson said the bill would give each province the chance to have input on who should fill its senate seats.

At the moment, the prime minister cannot consult with people when appointing senators. The bill would change that to introduce provincial and territory plebiscites which would effectively include every voter in the consultation process.

The system would be modelled on that used in Australia, Mr. Nicholson said, where people can rank their preferences.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper addresses members of his federal caucus on Parliament Hill in Ottawa Wednesday (CP)

A plebiscite vote would only be held if a provincial senate seat was vacant, or to soon become vacant. There is no limit on the number of people who can offer themselves for candidacy. Source...

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Tories look to consult public on Senate choices