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Friday December 22, 2006
The dusting of snow had melted by lunchtime, exposing the still-green grass on Parliament Hill. In the fields around Ottawa, dandelions are in bloom. Snowblowers are being sacrificed at summer clear-out prices. Lawn mowers look like a better seasonal investment in a capital that looks more in the grip of spring fever than perched on the eve of winter.

It seemed like a good day for Stephen Harper to embrace the science of climate change. The Prime Minister didn't disappoint.

"From what I've seen, the preponderance of evidence suggests this is a real and a serious problem," he said in a National Post interview yesterday. "As you know, the science has evolved several times even in the last couple of decades, but all the evidence suggests that we should take the problem seriously and start to try and act on it."

This is a new, reinvented, election-ready Stephen Harper. The skeptics and scientists who insist, with some evidence, that severe weather is not a greenhouse- gas-generated planetary scourge have lost a swayable, sympathetic political leader.

The last of the man-made climate change holdouts in the Canadian Parliament has gone green, a shift underlined by a Canadian Press report yesterday that Environment Minister Rona Ambrose will soon be replaced by the more moderate and measured Jim Prentice of Calgary. Source...

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Tories turning 'election' green