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Saturday January 13, 2007
Already a celebrity couple, David and Victoria Beckham are set to try out Hollywood life following David Beckham’s new job.

Famous as a soccer player, equally as “Posh” Spice’s husband, David Beckham announced that he is leaving Real Madrid, his present club, for Los Angeles Galaxy where he's going to play for the next five years.

"After discussing several options with my family and advisers to either stay here at Madrid or join other major British and European clubs, I have decided to join the Los Angeles Galaxy and play in the MLS from August this year," the soccer star said in a statement.

The deal is reportedly the greatest one in sports history with rumors placing his salary and endorsements at $250 million.

"This is a big, big, big deal. The office here is atwitter this morning. We have had so many people volunteering just to be on Posh and Becks' watch," said Ryan Patterson, supervising producer with syndicated celebrity TV show Access Hollywood.

Image lawyer Alex Chapman said yesterday: "In footballing terms, it's a disastrous move because soccer in America is nothing like as big as it is in Europe. But economically, Beckham can't lose. Source...

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