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Tuesday February 13, 2007
Prime Minister Stephen Harper used the home constituency of Quebec Premier Jean Charest to announce a $1.5-billion fund to help provinces fight pollution and greenhouse gases.

Harper said Monday in Sherbrooke that Quebec's share of the new Canada Eco-Trust and Clean Air Fund will be about $350 million.

The prime minister said delivery of the money will depend on the upcoming budget being passed. He added that it will be "part of the actions taken on the fiscal imbalance."

No details were announced on what share of the money other provinces and territories will be receiving.

Liberal environment critic David McGuinty attacked the announcement.

"Once again this government is re-announcing funding that was already in place, and hoping that Canadians will give them credit for Liberal programs," he said in a news release.

"If the government were actually serious about more than just buying votes they would never have cut the funding for federal-provincial climate change in the first place."

While the Conservatives might be trying to curry favour with Quebec voters for themselves, some think Harper might be trying to help out Charest too. Continued...

Harper goes to Quebec to announce green fund