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Thursday, March 15, 2007
Jury selection began Wednesday as the high-stakes criminal trial of Conrad Black opened before a packed courtroom in Chicago.

Black, looking tired and subdued, avoided the media waiting outside the courthouse and quietly slipped inside through another entrance.

In the case of the United States against Black, 12 jurors will be selected from candidates who have already filled out a lengthy questionnaire. Opening arguments aren't expected until Monday.

Lawyers asked one potential juror what she knew about Canada, where Montreal-born Black launched his newspaper empire in the 1970s.

"Not much. Socialist country," she said, prompting laughs from Black and the Canadian reporters in the packed courtroom.

"I think corporations think they are above the law," another juror said.

Judge Amy St. Eve questioned potential jurors about their views on a variety of issues likely to come up during the trial, including their take on Canadians, wealthy people and big corporations. She also asked what they'd read or heard about the case in the media. Source...

Jury selection underway in Conrad Black trial