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Friday, March 16, 2007
A skeptical Prime Minister Stephen Harper scoffed openly at the new law-and-order Liberals yesterday after rival Stephane Dion unveiled a laundry list of justice measures he’s hoping will convince Canadians his party isn’t soft on crime.

The Liberal leader released a broad platform that included support for an amended version of the so-called reverse-onus bill proposed by the Conservatives that would require those charged with gun crimes to prove why they should be granted bail. -- The prime minister, however, appeared unmoved.

“After spending the last couple of months opposing every tough-on-crime measure, voting down his own anti-terrorism measures, bashing the police in the House of Commons, he now wants to be tough on crime,” Harper said.

“I hope it lasts, because the government has a lot of important tough-on-crime legislation and if this is a sincere conversion, we can get on with actually moving that in the House of Commons,” he added.

In London, Ont. yesterday evening, Dion called on Harper to take a “positive” stance.

“If he wants to be a positive prime minister, he should deliver,” Dion told the London Free Press. “He is more interested in playing politics with everything than in making our streets safe. Source...

Will Dion stay tough-on-crime?