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Thursday, April 19, 2007
MPs have quietly pocketed a $3,100 pay hike, which takes their annual base salary to $150,800.

The automatic April 1 increase, based on private-sector settlements, also applies to separate salaries for extra duties -- jobs ranging from committee vice-chairman up to prime minister.

MPs also get a $22,000 yearly expense allowance, primarily for living costs in Ottawa, and 64 free return airline tickets each year to share with their partners and dependants.

Ontario politicians gave themselves a 25-per-cent pay raise just before Christmas and they've just received another two-per-cent bump in pay. Under the December legislation, MPP's salary increases are now tied to raises given to their federal counterparts. And, because M-P's were granted an annual two-per-cent raise this month, MPP's are entitled to their second hike in less than four months. NDP House leader Peter Kormos says the December raise was an embarrassment and this latest increase is "truly awful.'' Source...

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Raises boosts MPP's/MPs' base salary