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Wednesday, May 2, 2007
Gas prices shot up right across the country overnight, with some stations in Vancouver reaching $1.28 a litre while pumps hit $1.13 in Halifax.

Montreal motorists saw prices reach $1.18 on Tuesday, while Calgary residents saw prices increase by nine cents overnight to around $1.08.

Across the Greater Toronto Area, the cost of gasoline climbed to $1.08 a litre, up from about $1.05 on Monday.

In Ottawa, prices at the pumps also rose three cents a litre to just under $1.10.

Liberal MP Dan McTeague, the consumer affairs critic and longtime critic of the oil industry, says prices have soared to the highest levels since Hurricane Katrina.

McTeague says the increase can be blamed on a jump in the wholesale price for gasoline. He adds refineries increased the wholesale price and the gas companies have now passed along the price hike to motorists. Source...

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Gas prices shoot higher across Canada