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Tuesday July 31, 2007
Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Wednesday that only a united NATO military presence in Afghanistan will keep the country from returning to its state before the Taliban was ousted from power.

The comments came amid a report to the British parliament that suggested NATO's military work in Afghanistan is being undermined by a lack of troop support from other NATO countries.

Harper stated, "Canadians are more than aware that we are carrying more than a disproportionate burden in Afghanistan."

Canada, the U.S., U.K. and the Netherlands have been doing most of the heavy lifting in Afghanistan, while NATO countries Spain, Italy, Germany and France have refused to boost their troop numbers in Afghanistan.

Others have put caveats on their troops, banning them from working in volatile areas.

Harper reiterated his position that Canada's future role in Afghanistan will be decided by Parliament, but defended Canada's decision to go to Afghanistan in the first place. Source...

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NATO must pull together: PM