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Thursday November 29, 2007
German-Canadian arms dealer Karlheinz Schreiber, who was linked to the fall of a German chancellor and has made charges against a former Canadian prime minister, sought once more on Tuesday to delay his extradition to Germany.

Opposition parties are trying to keep Schreiber in Canada so he can elaborate on his allegations of impropriety by former Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, starting with a committee meeting they hope to schedule for Thursday.

The current Conservative government has not given assurances that it will delay Schreiber's extradition beyond December 1, so his lawyers lodged a request with an Ontario court on Tuesday to order the government to wait until the Supreme Court decides for a third time whether to hear an appeal.

The Ontario court will consider his request on Friday.

Schreiber was arrested in 1999 and has fought eight years of legal battles to prevent his being sent to Germany to face charges of fraud, bribery, tax evasion, corruptly accepting secret commissions and forging documents.

A secret donation by Schreiber to former Chancellor Helmut Kohl helped lead to the German leader's downfall and a fine for his party. A former German minister says he took bribes from Schreiber to push through a 1991 sale of armored cars to Saudi Arabia. Source...

Canada arms dealer seeks delay in extradition
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