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Wednesday December 5, 2007
Karlheinz Schreiber told a parliamentary ethics committee on Tuesday that former prime minister Brian Mulroney did not receive any money in connection with the Airbus affair.

He said that allegations of Mulroney's involvement in securing an Air Canada contract for the purchase of planes from the European company were laughable.

But Schreiber also told the committee that Mulroney was still a Member of Parliament when he gave him the first of three $100,000 payments. Schreiber said Tuesday that the initial payment came after Mulroney had stepped down as prime minister, although the two discussed future lobbying activities by Mulroney months earlier before he stepped down as PM.

Schreiber, freed on bail by the Ontario Court of Appeal, told the Commons committee Tuesday that he made a deal on June 23, 1993, to work with then-prime minister Brian Mulroney on a future project -- but no financial compensation was discussed.

The ethics committee is probing Schreiber's past dealings with Mulroney -- including $300,000 in cash Mulroney received after leaving office.

Mulroney has never said why he received the money in cash. He did not declare the money in his tax returns the year he received the money, although he did do so several years later. Mulroney has denied all allegations of wrongdoing, and none of the accusations against the former prime minister has been proven in court. Source...

Mulroney didn't receive Airbus kickbacks: Schreiber
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