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Wednesday January 9, 2008
A carbon tax is the most important policy tool to help Canada meet its greenhouse-gas reduction goals, says a federal advisory panel.

The National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy, an independent agency created by Parliament in 1988, also suggested a carbon-trading system to cut Canada's emissions 65 per cent below 2006 levels by 2050.

The panel's membership consists of Canada's top business and environmental leaders. Its recommendations are not binding on the government.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has rejected the notion of a carbon tax in the past, as has Liberal Leader Stephane Dion.

In the spring, the minority Conservative government tabled a plan to cut the emissions of industrial emitters. That plan, which set a target of a 20 per cent cut in GHG emissions below 2006 levels by 2020, did not include a carbon tax.

"(The report) is not an evaluation or assessment in any way of the government's current plan. That was not our purpose," NRTEE chair Glen Murray told an Ottawa news conference on Monday.

"What it offers instead is a framework for a transition from current approaches to a longer-term vision to achieve deep greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions reductions based on targets now set by the government of Canada." Source...

Panel recommends carbon tax for Canada
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