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Tuesday January 29, 2008
The message from South Carolina Democrats last Saturday could not have been clearer: Bill Clinton is on the verge of ruining his wife's campaign.

Or even if she survives the primary, she has already been weakened for November and the general election, especially if the Republicans nominate John McCain.

If you think that verdict is too harsh, Clinton got just over 25 percent of the vote. Yes, Barack Obama had the advantage of a huge African-American vote, but her showing was still dismal.

The former two-term president was all over the Palmetto State, blistering Obama and the press for their treatment of his wife.

With the Clintons, when they are wrong, it is always someone else's fault, never theirs.

Bill Clinton is making George H.W. Bush and other former presidents look good. The elder Bush campaigned for his son, but positively and not ripping Al Gore or John Kerry. Other former presidents of both parties have been restrained and largely remained on the sidelines. But not Bill Clinton.

A group of 23 knowledgeable Democrats gathered last Saturday. The group was divided in support for Clinton, Obama, and John Edwards. Only one person was not highly critical of Bill Clinton's performance; some were rather vociferous about it. Source...

Bill Clinton the Albatross
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