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Saturday February 16, 2008
An estimated 60 per cent of Ontario workers will be enjoying the province's first Family Day long weekend, while the other 40 per cent will have to drag themselves in to work on Monday.

And if having to punch the clock isn't bad enough, workers are expected to contend with slush and as much as 20 centimetres of snow that is expected to fall on Toronto on Sunday.

The anticipated snow storm is expected to cost the city $5 million because plows and cleanup crews will have to be paid overtime, as city workers have been given Monday off.

The holiday is costing the province millions of dollars in lost productivity, and the city of Toronto says its price tag will be close to $5 million.

Small and medium-sized business owners have complained about how quickly Family Day was instituted. They say the government didn't consult businesses before Premier Dalton McGuinty announced the holiday after his re-election last fall.

There was also confusion about who would be getting Family Day off. Provincial politicians will not have to report to work, and neither will LCBO employees.

Federal employees have to work because they're not subject to provincial law, and many retail employees will also have to work. Toronto police have also complained because they aren't getting the day off. Source...

Not everyone will enjoy Family Day
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