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Thursday February 28, 2008
Blaming free trade for an exodus of good jobs, about a dozen activists gathered outside Hillary Clinton's senate office here on Tuesday before some were carted off by police.

Similar feelings about free trade are running high across the United States amid a growing belief among many Americans that trade with other countries is hurting the economy.

The sentiment has made free trade - in particular the nearly 15-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement between the United States, Canada and Mexico - a front-burner issue for U.S. presidential candidates such as Ms. Clinton.

The New York Senator and rival presidential contender Barack Obama ratcheted up their anti-NAFTA rhetoric during a televised debate on Tuesday night in Cleveland, which has been hit hard by the loss of manufacturing jobs. Each candidate pledged to pull out of the trade agreement unless changes are made to the deal.

Economists interviewed yesterday said they don't believe the Democratic candidates are simply pandering to voters, including blue-collar workers in the Midwest where manufacturing job losses have taken a big toll.

Instead, with the increasing cries against it here, NAFTA will probably end up back on the bargaining table if either Democratic candidate is elected president, economists predicted. Source...

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