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Wednesday March 5, 2008
Though hardly an imposing figure, the Prime Minister seems to fashion himself a bit of a tough guy. Much the way many men of business and politics who've never so much as exchanged a punch—and likely wouldn't dare—imagine themselves to be of great force and resolution.

Consequently, when faced last week with accusations as serious as any recent prime minister has faced, Harper did as Harper does, he stood steadfast and gave no quarter. Unfortunately, that failed to dissuade his critics. So on Monday he bravely threatened to sue.

For a year and a half now, of course, this government has gone out of its way to question the testicular fortitude of Harper's primary rival, the thin and bespectacled Stéphane Dion. It has proved a persuasive portrayal. So much so that when news first broke of the Prime Minister's legal action, it was easy to foresee the opposition shrinking, if even just slightly, from its previous indignation.

But then Question Period began. And it became possible to believe Harper might've finally pushed the wuss opposite him just a bit too far.

"Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister has tried everything to avoid answering questions about his party's million dollar bribe. He has even resorted to threats of a lawsuit," Dion said with his first opportunity. "It is going to take much more than the threat of a lawsuit to stop us from getting to the truth.". Source...

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