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Saturday March 8, 2008
The Cadman affair shouldn’t have been such a big deal. It’s plainly ridiculous to believe anyone would offer a million-dollar insurance policy to a dying man, given that such a policy would be impossible to obtain. It’s equally obvious that the Tories were doing their best to buy Cadman’s support in defeating the Liberal government. The Liberals play the same game all the time. If Mr. Harper had simply offered a reasonable explanation of what he meant by “financial considerations” in speaking of the offer to Cadman, the issue might have been confined to Question Period. Instead the Prime Minister went off the deep end, hollering “libel” and threatening to haul the entire Liberal party before the courts. He dost protest way too much, methinks.

The Nafta disaster is a different matter, if only because so much remains unexplained. If the government acted deliberately in revealing the alleged duplicity of the Obama camp, it was plainly playing with fire. The embarrassment does appear to have played a part in delivering the Ohio primary to Hillary Clinton, but at what cost? Should Barack Obama go on to become president he will certainly not be in a mood to do Ottawa any favours, on Nafta or anything else. If the leak wasn’t deliberate the government gets to look incompetent rather than dishonest, which isn’t much of an improvement. Source...

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