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Wednesday April 16, 2008
The opposition parties wasted no time in question period Tuesday as they pounced on the events surrounding an RCMP raid on Conservative Party headquarters in Ottawa.

The raid came after Elections Canada asked the Mounties to execute a search warrant.

At least two police officers entered the office, and later rolled a cart full of boxes and bags out of the 12th floor downtown Ottawa office and into a mail room.

Then elections official Andre Thouin left the office with a box of documents.

The Liberals claim the raid is part of an independent probe by Elections Canada into alleged Conservative Party irregularities into national election spending. The Tories have suggested that Tuesday's search of their offices is related to a lawsuit launched by the Tories, who are challenging an Elections Canada ruling.

The government agency had refused to reimburse the Tories for $1.2 million in advertising spending during the last election. Elections Canada said the Tories had surpassed their national ad allowance and refused to accept the Tory claims that local ads were not national in scope. Source...

RCMP raid Tory HQ, Conservatives under fire
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