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Thursday May 8, 2008
The prime minister and his family may have to pack up and find a new temporary home if they heed the advice of Canada's auditor general.

A report released by Sheila Fraser on Tuesday states that "24 Sussex Drive (is) showing signs of fatigue and wear, and (requires) extensive repair work."

The repairs are estimated to cost about $10 million, and the report notes that "prolonged access to 24 Sussex Drive will be required for rehabilitation of the residence." That would require the prime minister and his family to move out for up to 15 months.

"We note in the report that there have been no repairs to 24 Sussex in 50 years. I think we can all appreciate in our own homes that you have to do this regular upgrading and maintenance on a very frequent basis," she said.

John Williamson of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation says he doesn't believe most people will have a problem with making the repairs. But he said what politicians should be concerned about is going over budget, as has been the case with similar public projects in the past. He also said the $10 million price tag for repairs may baffle some taxpayers. Source...

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PM's residence needs $10 million in repairs
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