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Tuesday May 13, 2008
Liberal Leader Stephane Dion has been warned by his own party pollster that his proposal to impose a carbon tax could be a tough sell in an election, insiders say.

But they say Dion is determined to forge ahead with the politically risky scheme. He's convinced that the bold step is needed to rescue both the environment and his reputation, which has been savaged by relentless Tory depictions of the Liberal leader as a dithering, spineless weakling.

Dion is expected to unveil his proposal for putting a price on carbon before the end of June. He and select Liberal MPs will then fan out across the country over the summer to explain the complicated plan and try to soothe fears - already being stoked daily by the Tories - that it will lead to a massive tax hike on gasoline, home heating fuel and electricity.

Party pollster Michael Marzolini has repeatedly and publicly said that there's plenty of appetite among Canadians for action against climate change. But sources say Marzolini has privately warned Dion that a carbon tax is a risky way to go about it, particularly at a time when gas prices are soaring and the economy is faltering. More...

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Liberals uneasy about Dion's plan for carbon tax
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