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Wednesday June 4, 2008
Barack Obama turned in earnest to the general election and the hunt for a running mate yesterday, embraced by Democratic leaders who signalled forcefully and sometimes impatiently to Hillary Clinton that her marathon duel with Mr. Obama is over. Ms. Clinton kept her silence in public, while supporters made a case for her as Mr. Obama's No. 2.

Meanwhile, Mr. Obama moved to link himself more closely with a young Democratic hero of a half-century ago, picking former president John Kennedy's daughter, Caroline, to help him choose a vice-presidential candidate.

While Ms. Clinton still wasn't conceding, even after Tuesday's primaries and a flood of superdelegate endorsements of Mr. Obama sealed the nomination, Mr. Obama showed no impatience, merely smiling and accepting congratulations from colleagues in both parties as he returned to the Capitol for a Senate vote.

Hillary Rodham Clinton planned to throw support to Democratic rival Barack Obama Saturday and call on Democrats to unite against Republican John McCain, her campaign announced yesterday. More...

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Obama seeks running mate
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