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Saturday July 5, 2008
The countdown has been on in Hamilton for three years, and it wasn't a countdown to a new stadium (though that might happen), or to a new coach (though that has happened) or to the point at which owner Bob Young would decide he would be better off taking his money and setting it on fire to keep warm. Let's hope that doesn't happen. Bob's a nice man.

No, the Tiger-Cats countdown went from five wins to four wins to three wins, year after miserable year. It was the countdown, effectively, to a seven-team league with eight teams in it. Tick, tick, tick.

But last night, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats looked different. They had a real live CFL quarterback in Casey Printers, who looked like the Most Outstanding Player he was in 2004. They had a real live CFL running back in Jesse Lumsden who played like he could be the MOP in 2008. They had an offensive line that was only occasionally penetrated by the league's best defence, and a defence that wasn't bad at all.

In short, in drilling the Toronto Argonauts 32-13 last night, Hamilton looked like a real live CFL team for the first time in recent memory, rather than, say, a busload of nuns who added gold and white to the outfit.. More...

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