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The Hamilton Spectator
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Wednesday August 13, 2008
The man who first designed Hamilton City Hall and the architect in charge of its future both oppose plans to downgrade the heritage building's renovation.

Stanley Roscoe, who fought for the civic centre to have a marble facade nearly 50 years ago, says sw

itching to concrete will take away from the building's design.

"It's a bad idea," the 86-year-old said yesterday.

Trevor Garwood-Jones, the architect behind the current renovation, agrees. Concrete and aluminum, instead of stone panels and stainless steel, will look "cheap," he said.

"We want a quality building," he said, noting councillors must remember the building will outlast their political careers.

"City Hall is a prestige building."

Downgrading materials for the facade -- consultants had recommended using limestone -- will save the city $3.5 million.

Councillors are trying to chip away at an $8.5-million overrun to get the renovation to the approved plan of $50 million.

Art French, chair of the city's heritage committee, said the advisory group will likely oppose the use of prefab concrete on the heritage designated building. But in the end, he added, council will have the final decision. More...

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