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Thursday September 11, 2008
A Taliban spokesperson says the insurgent group is following the Canadian election and has increased attacks on Canadian soldiers in order to send a grim message.

"We increased our attacks on the Canadians because of the election in order to put pressure on them to withdraw their forces," said purported Taliban spokesperson Qari Muhammad Yussef.

"We also killed their soldier who recently had received a bravery medal for fighting. Now that there is an election, it is necessary for the Canadians to know what we want from them."

Yussef appeared to be commenting on the death Sunday of Canadian infantryman Sgt. Scott Shipway, who had been cited for his quick actions on the battlefield.

Yussef went on to say the Canadian people and the government should not send troops to Afghanistan, since they will only "die for the benefit of the Americans."

"Whatever dream that they have, will not be achieved. This is an independent nation and this nation's fighting is based on conviction," Yussef said. More...

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Taliban says increase in attacks because of election
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