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Thursday December 4, 2008
Prime Minister Stephen Harper will visit the Governor General at Rideau Hall early today when he is expected to ask Parliament be prorogued, likely until the Conservatives can bring down a budget in late January.

Harper, facing the possibility of losing his job to Liberal Leader Stephane Dion next week, appealed to Canadians in a televised address to the nation Wednesday that a Liberal-NDP coalition government would be illegitimate and would thwart the will of voters.

But Dion, in an address that immediately followed Harper's, rejected the prime minister's reasoning, saying that, in Canada's parliamentary system, a government that loses the confidence of the House of Commons loses the right to govern.

For the last two days, the two leaders have been angrily jousting in the House of Commons. On TV Wednesday night, they toned down their approach but kept up the same lines of attack.

In his address, taped in his Parliament Hill office, Harper argued that his government had taken several steps to protect Canada's economy from the global economic downturn and promised to do more when his government tables a budget on Jan. 27. Source...

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