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The Hamilton Spectator
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Tuesday February 24, 2009
Hamilton is away to the races in a $60-million pursuit of Pan Am Games facilities.

And with Toronto's endorsement of the 2015 showcase, planning across southern Ontario is now hitting top stride.

City council voted 12-3 yesterday to spend $60 million to build a new Pan Am stadium and velodrome in the west harbour. The next step for Hamilton will be community and business advisory bodies to help plan the facilities and fund add-ons.

More detail is required for a Toronto 2015 bid book due April 30.

"It's a tight time frame but we'll get it done," said Hamilton's Pan Am point man, David Adames.

He stressed the goal is to plan and design the stadium and velodrome for maximum use and public access.

Site visits by the Pan American Sports Organization, the Games' organizing body, starting in May will require more fleshed-out plans for the stadium and velodrome. Final submissions and a vote on the Canadian bid and competitors from Peru and Colombia come in the fall.Source.

Pan Am push gets city's backing
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