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Thursday March 12, 2009
In Slovakia, the government is promising aid to U.S. Steel, including a rescue proposal that would see the state temporarily take over covering health and social insurance costs for workers.

The Serbian government has endorsed U.S. Steel's plan for shorter hours and a reduced work week, instead of layoffs. It's an approach Serbia says it will adopt for the state-owned companies it runs.

The U.S. defence department is working with America's specialty steel mills on ways to streamline special materials for wartime, even though demand is not high now.

And in one of the most visible demonstrations of support to date, Lockheed Martin has launched an intense American ad campaign underscoring the importance of steel to the production of U.S. military aircraft, notably the F-22 Raptor.

Amid indications that funds for the high-tech fighter might be pulled in the recession, Lockheed is stressing the potential loss of steel jobs as it lobbies for the plane.

"Steel forgers in Chicago," the ad says, below the image of a worker on a plant floor. "95,000 jobs across America. All working to build the F-22."

Everywhere but here, governments, customers, steelmakers and workers are banding together for new ways to reduce damage across the battered industry.

Critics say that in Ontario, the best Premier Dalton McGuinty has done to date is yesterday's vague promise to think about a so-called scrappage plan to aid the auto industry, a key customer for steel. Source.

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