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Wednesday March 25, 2009
Conservative politicians did not instigate the move to bar outspoken British MP George Galloway from entering Canada, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said yesterday.

The Canada Border Services Agency has told Mr. Galloway that an aid convoy he led into Gaza earlier this month amounted to engaging in terrorism and being a member of a terrorist organization because he said he would donate the aid to Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh.

Mr. Galloway, who has four speaking engagements scheduled in Canada next week, is a five-term British MP who was kicked out of Tony Blair's Labour Party in 2003 for statements opposing the Iraq war.

Mr. Kenney said Mr. Galloway is being barred for providing financial and material support to Hamas, not for his views, and the decision won't be overruled.

"It's not about words, it's about deeds. It's not about his opinions, it's about his financial, material support for an illegal terrorist organization," Mr. Kenney said. The NDP and various aid organizations have accused the Tories of political interference in the border agency's decision.

The Immigration Minister said he has no power to bar someone from Canada, only to overrule the Canada Border Services Agency if someone is deemed inadmissible. He said he was not "personally" consulted by the CBSA, although his aides were aware of the case.

"There was some discussion in my office, but I could not and cannot give direction to agents of the CBSA, who are not even in my ministry," Mr. Kenney said. Source.

British anti-war MP banned from Canada
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