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Tuesday April 21, 2009
A Canadian warship hunting pirates in the Gulf of Aden outsailed a boatload of bandits in the dark, foiling an attack on a Norwegian tanker.

Called to the rescue late Saturday by the crew of the MV Front Ardennes, HMCS Winnipeg extinguished her own lights and vanished into the night for the seven-hour chase, which ended when the massive warship caught up with the pirates and forced them to a halt.

"We blocked their path," said Michael McWhinnie, a spokesperson on the ship. "We were faster and surprisingly more manoeuvrable than the pirate skiff."

But, having caught the bad guys, the Canadians had to let them go sans weapons.

Warning shots fired from a Sea King helicopter launched from the Winnipeg helped persuade the pirates to give up, but not before they threw most of their weapons overboard.

A Canadian boarding party did seize a rocket-propelled grenade found in the pirate vessel.

"Most weapons went over the side but they must have overlooked it when they started discarding objects," McWhinnie added.

No one was hurt in the incident, which began with an attack on the Front Ardennes. The sea bandits fled after the crew took evasive action and sent a mayday call to nearby warships, said Portuguese Lt.-Cmdr. Alexandre Santos Fernandes, aboard a warship. Source.

Canadians foil pirates in dramatic night chase
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