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Wednesday June 17, 2009
Canadian billionaire Jim Balsillie has several avenues to follow in his ongoing drive for the Phoenix Coyotes, even after an Arizona bankruptcy court judge delivered a stiff rebuttal, and even as the National Hockey League touts the arrival of a once elusive competing offer.

The viability of those avenues seems to depend on the person speaking . At a news conference held in a downtown Toronto hotel yesterday, Richard Rodier, Balsillie's general counsel, said he expects to re-submit a motion in court to buy the team and welcomed the chance to enter mediation with the league.

"At the end of the proceeding, and the whole process, I think the Phoenix Coyotes are going to end up in Hamilton," Rodier said.

It was an unexpectedly upbeat message, coming less than a day after Judge Redfield T. Baum denied a motion that would have allowed the Coyotes to be sold and moved. The 21-page decision cut into several key arguments forwarded by attorneys for Balsillie and Coyotes owner Jerry Moyes, ultimately ruling the complexities of the case could not be resolved before a June 29 deadline imposed on the sale by Balsillie's group.

Another obstacle seemed to land in Balsillie's path yesterday, with a second suitor apparently set to join the fray. Continued....

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